And welcome to my website! This is a resume project after being abandoned for almost 1 year! One of my first project! Now it's stable, and prettier than its first versions. So have a look at what I have learned after 1 year of coding! Enjoy!

Cool design right?

I started to rebuild and redesign this website after I watched a video by Fireship, his videos are awesome! Most of the design was taken from his video: "Build a Curvaceous Homepage // Wavy Background Tutorial with SVG & CSS" (You can watch it here). The design is awesome! This website is now filled with waves! Also, the colors were also taken from his video 'cause I am suck at arts. I still feel empty tho.

Things I have made

I have made some awesome things since I started to code. Check it out at the Things category!

How to contact

If you wanted to give me a feedback... or ask for contribution... or you just wanted to tell me something... Then go to the Contact page.

Dedication to some awesome people


He is probably the best of all. He talked about math and science for 11 years on YouTube. I always watch his videos. "And as always, thanks for watching." (Also check out Mind Field)


A Swedish guy. He made awesome documetaries with impressive animations. Totally worth to watch.

Tom Scott

British and blonde. And yes, he talked about stuff.

That's it...

Nothing here. You can check out other features or pages in this website.